Publishers Letter

The New Year

Welcome 2014! The variety of events highlighted in this January issue is representative of the many successes that occurred in 2013 and the prospective philanthropic work to be done in 2014.

Charlotte’s exemplary charitable accomplishments are the result of the combined efforts of varied groups in our community. The events SOCIETY Charlotte covered in 2013 show that our nonprofits’ vitality is a result of the involvement of community members of all ages, races, ethnicities, socioeconomic levels and genders, all working together.

Our community is further enriched with the involvement and financial support of local businesses, ranging from our banks to our professional sports teams to numerous smaller businesses. All of these groups, large and small, make a huge difference in our community.

The Charlotte Bobcats’ Cats Care Foundation, a philanthropic powerhouse, is featured on the cover and through a piece on the third annual Cats Care Cornucopia. At the event, the players, team personnel and Wells Fargo employee volunteers provided Thanksgiving meals to over 1,000 families. Seeing the joy from receiving an abundant meal and the opportunity to interact with the players truly defined Thanksgiving and exemplified Cats Care Foundation’s impact, plus that of presenting sponsor Wells Fargo.

There are many examples of our local celebrity athletes’ involvement in nonprofits. In this issue, you will see Casey Mears supporting Charlotte Rescue Mission and Cam Newton championing the success of students through theCam Newton Foundation. There are also many events that demonstrate the diversity in ages of our community philanthropists. Some examples of our younger engaged members’ events are: Young Affiliates of the Mint and UNICEF’s Next Generation, with their respective Fall Balls.

SOCIETY Charlotteis proud to introduce a new column, Community Spotlight. The column, sponsored by Wells Fargo Private Bank, will promote six different nonprofits in 2014. This issue focuses on Spoleto Festival USA,a nonprofit that has served the national arts scene since 1977 . The column includes a preview of some of the impressive performances in the 2014 Festival as well as its history. Most exciting of all,SOCIETY Charlotte readers have the unique opportunity to save 20% on all Spoleto Festival USA tickets.

Thank you for filling our pages in 2013 with so many impactful events. We commend your dedication to our community’s needs and look forward to following all of your nonprofit successes in 2014.

Happy New Year,

Paige Roselle