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The Beauty in Passion

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In honor of our cover story that features mothers, daughters, and sisters sharing their family beauty secrets, I am shamelessly sharing a photo of my beautiful daughter, Katie. At just two years old, she is already demonstrating her own theories about beauty and style. When sneaking into mommy’s makeup drawer, Katie believes she looks her best when purple eye shadow is applied all over the face with a contour brush. If her “piggy toes” aren’t painted like mommy’s, she will take matters into her own hands with crayons. Hair washing and styling is an extreme negotiation process, yet anything can be applied topically (sunscreen, lotion, first aid cream, etc.) if it is referred to as makeup.

In addition to her independent spirit and sweet nature, there is beauty in her name. Katie is named after my very best friend from childhood who died in a car accident when we were teenagers. My friend Katie taught me early in life about true beauty, which radiated from her every cell. She was by all accounts an animal activist from the day I met her in first grade. A card-carrying member of the Humane Society, ASPCA, and the Wildlife Federation, over the years she routinely schooled me on what was in our food, how animals were being treated in different parts of the world, and why I should boycott certain products because of their impact on the animal kingdom. Her compassion for animals extended to people as well. She embraced and bestowed love upon everyone who came in her path, known for not leaving the room without a “love you!”

Our beauty shines through our passions. It certainly did with my friend Katie, and I hope it does in this issue. This health and beauty issue is two fold – so to speak. It is meant to give some practical, physical health and beauty tips, as you’ll find with our cover story. But as with all of our issues, it also showcases the beauty of the passionate philanthropists in our city. This is beautifully demonstrated in the coverage of the Levine Children’s Hospital Inaugural Gala on page 8 – an event envisioned and launched by community supporters. It’s also shown on page 26, in the Martin Truex Jr. Foundation’s Annual Catwalk for a Cause – a fundraiser in its 6th year thanks to the dedication of Martin and his girlfriend, Sherry Pollex. Dianne Chips Bailey’s beauty shines off the page in our Last Word column on page 38, where she discusses her passions both civic and social.

So enjoy all of the beautiful faces and spirits in this issue. And like so many people you’ll read about and my sweet Katie, when things don’t look the way you want them to, grab some crayons and get to work.

In service,

Amanda Pagliarini Howard