Publishers Letter

Support is Always in Fashion

In this month’s fashion issue, as with all issues, we asked ourselves what we could showcase that would be different, interesting to readers, and even foster some good for the community. Usher in the ceaseless creative brain of my friend, Dan Mauney, who suggested we pay homage to our local retailer elders in our fashion spread, Respect Your Elders. The six fashion retailers featured – Bruce Jillian, Coplon’s, E Martini, Our Place, Paul Simon, and Taylor Richards Conger – have been part of the local business community for over 30 years and are the longest standing current local boutique shops.

At Society Charlotte, we work to showcase the philanthropic and charitable work of the community. But none of that would be possible without a strong business community. That point was underscored by Stephanie Rivera, who was being honored by the Humane Society of Charlotte at their Women for Animal Welfare Luncheon. At the lunch, the Panther’s Head Coach’s wife called upon the audience to acknowledge and utilize the businesses that sponsored the event, and that sponsor and support any of the nonprofits in our community. Her message was clear – if you care about a nonprofit and its mission, care to support those who are helping them achieve it.

And so I would ask our readers to do the same with our advertisers. Yes, by being featured in our pages, our advertisers are given great exposure for their business. But they are also helping to support our mission, which is to lift up and spotlight the philanthropic work of our community. Without our advertisers, there would be no magazine. And without this magazine, the good work of our nonprofits, art institutions, and community leaders might go unnoticed.

In my short time as editor, I have been floored by the number of grateful emails I receive from the charities featured in our pages. To all of the gratefully featured - we love shining the spotlight on you. But don’t just thank us – thank the folks paying the light bill.


Amanda Pagliarini Howard